Jumpstart 4 Business - Athlone


Back Row from left to right: Siobhan Redmond, Maria Bourke (Tutor), John Jessop, Seamus McKenna (Westmeath Community Development) Front Row Left to right: Dan Grehan (Westmeath Community Development), Manuela Chima, Patsy Preston, Aisling Warby

Pictured above are people who received certificates of participation for completing the Jumpstart 4 Business course sponsored by WCD in Athlone. Over the five weeks the group focused on creating the habits and mind-set of successful entrepreneurs.

"This is the first time we have offered the course in Athlone" explains Dan Grehan Employment Officer WCD. "Following successful pilot scheme in Mullingar in April/May 2013 the Jumpstart 4 Business course will be an on-going feature of the business development supports on offer to new enterprises available both in Mullingar and Atholne to those starting a new business under the Back to Work Allowance (BTWA) scheme".

"We are constantly trying to introduce new ideas to get people back on their feet and keep them there. Starting Your Own Business is an interesting option for those currently seeking employment that many people may not have considered before especially because they have always seen themselves as "an employee". WCD offer an excellent Start Your Own Business course as an intensive six month CE scheme based around a course run by Seamus Caufield alternating between Mullingar and Athlone that allows people to explore the Self Employment option and teaches them the mechanics of getting started and running a business. This new initiative - Jumpstart 4 Business- gives additional support to those who have launched their business to keep focussed and motivated" explained Dan Grehan.

The course Jumpstart 4 Business which is an excellent investment for anyone in business not just start-ups, was created and facilitated by Maria Bourke, of InspirAction who is herself on the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance scheme and knows first-hand the challenges of starting your own business. "This is my third time to start a business" explains Maria who move to Mullingar in 1998 to set up LMB Sock Creations (Sock Factory). "I honestly feel that a combination of the SYOB CE scheme run by Seamus Caufield and the Jumpstart 4 Business Course gives a very strong foundation to anyone who is seriously interested in starting a business" says Maria Bourke, who herself completed the SYOB CE scheme in January 2013. "It will be interesting to see the level of progress of those who have completed Jumpstart 4 Business now make".

In autumn 2012 WCD identified the need for this additional training for new business owners under the BTWEA scheme to help them develop a business owner mind-set. Running your own business requires new skills and a new way of looking at life and yourself. The course focuses on three key areas - Your Business, You and Harnessing the Power of Your Mind. "Many business owners ignore their own personal growth not thinking it is relevant to their business but as Maria has pointed out to the group who you are is the very centre of your business and cannot be ignored. I practically like her use of the steering wheel analogy - you are the centre with your wheel of life which is then surrounded by your business wheel With Jumpstart 4 Business we aimed to get new business owners competently and confidently driving their business forward" said Dan Grehan.

If you are interested in starting your own business our next Entrepreneur Development Programme is due to start the 13th of January 2014. For more information on the STYOB scheme contact Dan Grehan on 044 93 48 571 or email dgrehan@westcd.ie. Or if you are interested in the Jumpstart 4 Business course contact Maria Bourke of InspirAction who is a Personal Empowerment Coach & Facilitator. In addition to courses offered by WCD Maria also runs private courses - Jumpstart Your Life/Jumpstart 4 Business - and is available for one to one Coaching. Contact Maria on 087 9980056 or visit www.inspiraction.ie.