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WCD without LTDWestmeath Community Development 

Enterprise Supports

WCD has a range of supports on offer for people establishing new businesses under the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance (BTWEA) and the Short Term Enterprise Allowance (STEA) schemes. These supports include:

  1. One to one business appraisal, advice and guidance.
  2. Ongoing one to one advice and guidance whilst on BTWEA/STEA.
  3. Referral to County Enterprise Board and other courses.
  4. Access to Dept. of Social Protection/FAS Business Development Programme managed by WCD.
  5. Access to Back to Work Enterprise and Short Term Enterprise Allowance Schemes operated in conjunction with Dept. of Social Protection, along with Technical Assistance Support from Dept. of Social Protection.
  6. Information and assistance on various financing bodies & schemes; CEB, RDP, Microfinance Ireland.
  7. Direct access to Athlone Community Taskforce and Mullingar Employment Action Group Loan Scheme’s via Athlone and Mullingar Credit Unions.
  8. Access to support for Bookkeeping advice and guidance.
  9. Access to support from Business Coaches for new enterprises.
  10. Access to networks in Mullingar and Athlone for the self-employed and employers.

If you are interested in applying for either of these allowances you can do so by filling out the following the following forms which are available to download here: btw eligibility form.doc stea1.pdf btw2.pdf

As part of the application for this process individuals should look at the draft workbook, as this will be required as part of the application process. btwea workbook 1.doc

For further information on the services available contact our Enterprise Staff;

Dan Grehan
Business Development Manager
Westmeath Community Development
Mullingar E.T.I. Ctr
Mullingar Business Park
Co Westmeath
N91 X012

Phone: 044-9348571 -  Email: dgrehan@westcd.ie  -  Website: www.westcd.ie

Dept of Employment Affairs Social Protection

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